December 9, 2011


Ok, so I start this blog and my camera decides to DIE!!!! I cannot believe it! But I am not accepting this as a sign to not go on blogging - I will defeat you, Opposition!

Maybe someone out there knows how to fix it for me - I can offer you free sewing incentives (courtesy of Studio Julie Snow)...a custom-made Apron? Free alterations? Personal embroidery? Sewing lesson?

Anyway, it turns on fine. But when I push the button to take the picture, it flashes for half a second then turns immediately off! I have replace the batteries four times with brand new ones and it's STILL DYING!

Santa actually cannot bring me a new one this year because I am MAXED out on the gift list already. SO - I think maybe I can just "fix it". Of course I need help. But let me refer you to my previous offer...above.

I am even more sad because I have many projects I planned to post that are now completed and will have to wait. ("Why do we depend on electronic gadgets so much?" she said as she sat at her computer and blogged.)

Some projects waiting to be discovered by the camera lens: I have stared creating custom aprons - so cute! My family now has a beautiful set of custom embroidered Christmas stockings (I have wanted to do these for YEARS!), I finally made myself a decent Christmas Party dress!, I did one of those cute Ornament ball wreaths and am very pleased with it. My Banister garland also saw many changes this year.

Boo- I want to share. Ok, I'll call the camera place, I guess. of you with skills can trade with me?

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