September 7, 2012

Studio Update: Hair Bows, Personal Washcloths, Scripture Totes, His & Hers Placemats

Here is a sampling of the {smaller} projects I have done in the last week or so.  

Sometimes when a new baby is brought into a family with siblings, the new one gets all the attention AND all the presents!  It's fun for the siblings to receive something along with the baby's gift.  Here's one idea:  embroidered washcloths with each child's initial.  It's simple and each child feels a part of the excitement of the new baby!

It was a spontaneous lesson: they wanted to make hair bows!  We paused on the doll sundresses and made matching "best friend" hair bows.  

I attended a wedding reception for the son of a friend of mine.  They are a darling couple and I wanted to give them something "newlyweddish".  These kinds of gifts are sweet at the time because it commemorates their new marriage and the new changes in their lives, but later on are so special to look back and remember when it all began.  

Scripture Tote: "BLANK CANVAS".  This was designed for an LDS missionary to hold his mission scriptures.  His grandmother wanted to give him a special gift.  My part was just to create the tote out of artist canvas-type material.  She has another family member who is an artist and is going to illustrate many scripture stories on the blank canvas - I can't wait to see the finished project!

P.S. I will be selling scripture totes here.  You can contact me for custom orders.  More to come on that later...  :)

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