November 2, 2013

SWEENEY TODD is coming...

Ok, I have finally figured out and am prepared to state what has become the obvious: the two weeks before Halloween are by far my busiest of the year!  Usually it is just Halloween costumes that I am working on, but for the past few years, I have added costuming for a musical to my busy October playlist.  This year, the high school I work for bravely decided to do "Sweeney Todd, High School Edition", and open on Halloween weekend!!!  It has been a blast.  I love these students and parents and directors I get to collaborate with.  It was an awesome experience.  

This musical came out in 1979 on Broadway, and the 2007 movie starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter (directed by Tim Burton) has made it the cult classic it is today.  Did you know Johnny Depp took singing lessons to do this film?  

This musical stretched everyone's skillset and I believe it was done quite well!  I wish all of you could see it.  And if revenge and barbershop murders are not your cup of tea, then just to appreciate the set, the music, the choreography and the costumes.

My latest show - we are opening tomorrow night (Halloween weekend) and will show for two weekends!!

This wonderful piece of art was created by one of the cast members, Peyton Fleming, (who was also one of my costume crew for Singin' In The Rain) and I really feel like she captured all of my designs quite nicely. The talent in these kids is so amazing.  

One of the Ponderosa Theatre students and cast member as well (Joe Zahorik), has put together this trailer for our production of Sweeney Todd, High School Edition.

After opening night (sometime, after I recover from dress rehearsals and get a few winks of sleep), I will share pictures!!!!!   Here's a small taste...

Here is a sneak peek of one of Mrs. Lovett's costumes.  The is the back of a skirt.

Mrs. Lovett (Emily Marrs), Sweeney Todd (Jackson Winn)  and I.

More students (designed by another costume crew girl) created these sweet "locker tags" for every cast member, crew member and all the directors.  Aren't they awesome?  I will keep it forever!  It is currently hanging on my studio door at home.

Stay tuned for more pictures!  And if you are in the area - please come see our show!

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