June 22, 2012


One of my favorite things to sew up is a bedroom set. I have a client right now who is redoing her young daughter's bedroom - so I have been whipping up a new bedskirt, duvet cover, window valance, bed pillows, maybe a new lampshade cover, etc. (I will post all of these components of the room soon...)

The first thing I need to explain is the "split". The girl's bed is a beautiful metal antique-ish frame that has these railing rods or bars(I guess you call them that - we are) every 15 inches down the length of the bed. These bars by the boxspring are such that a continuous bedskirt would not work. So the bedskirt has to be split into 5 sections so that it can hang down from the bed to the floor and the bars can sit between the sections. (When we have a completed pic of the room, I will post it so you can what I mean).

Her mother had purchased a bedskirt that was pretty basic and asked me to make it AWESOME! It was the right color but did not fit the boxspring with the bars and needed my TLC, and some fanciness! So I cut up the bedskirt into sections, hemmed the sides of each section, and began to embellish!

We had cut off the selvage of the fabric for the window valance (coming soon) to use somewhere in the room. (It was a cool selvage with awesome fringe on it - I left enough of an edge to attach it to something and show off the fringe). I attached a piece of selvage to the bottom of each bedskirt piece.

Then I made lots and lots of narrow ruffles, gathered down the center. This was another of the fabrics to be used in the room.

I attached a row of ruffles on top of the selvage to cover up the serged edge, but left enough showing so the selvage fringe could peek out.

I sewed down the center of the ruffles to attach them above the selvage piece.

Cute so far! (I know - it needs a press with the iron!)

All sections are done the same way - ready to now attach to the old bedskirt deck! I just had to layer them all to see all those gorgeous ruffles together!

I lined up all my sections along both sides of the deck and sewed them on. You can't tell that they are in sections - it just looks like a continuous bedskirt, except for the corners.

Here are the corners at the foot of the bed, where the end bars are.

This is the foot of the bedskirt. It did not need any splits - there were no bars here.

Here I seperated the sections so you can see how the split looks.

Before it gets set up on the bed, I test how the corners lay and how everything looks, just on my table. Can't wait to see it all put together on the bed!

Do you have a bedskirt you could redo to fit your bedroom scheme?

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