February 14, 2012

Valentine Table Setting Ideas

I have this empty basket that I received as a gift basket one year - it is so darling but I cannot figure out what to put in it now. So I tried to come up with an idea. It really was an experiment but it turned out to be quite fun and a good craft with a few of my kiddos.

First thing I did was get out my trusty red felt (Holy COW! I have used this a lot for my Valentine crafts this year!) I embroidered the names of each family member that I love (I guess that's all of them - 8 total in the house). I left lots of space on the felt so I could cut it into hearts later.

Then I traced around each name with my largest heart cookie cutter. I always use soap chips for marking.

Then I cut around each heart leaving more than 1/2" around the tracing.

Then I cut another layer similar in size and put it underneath. This will be the back of my heart.

Sew around the heart, starting to the right of the bottom point, just above the point, going all the way around (clockwise), leaving a hole to stuff it. Use pinking shears to cut close to the sewn edge, about 1/4" or a little more.

Then stuff the heart with polyfill or small batting scraps. I told my 6-year-old helper: "Stuff the bumps first, then stuff the point". He was eager to stuff. (Less eager to clip his nails. Sorry. He's a boy and couldn't care less. I'll get right on that...)

Then sew that last section shut, with your needle to the left. Be sure to backstitch.

Then I filled my basket with my family hearts. Pretty cute. I could use this for a centerpiece. At least on Valentine's Day. (Until then, the boys just walk around with it and play with the "stuffed name hearts".)

There sure is a lot of us...maybe I need a larger basket for these. Oh well, it will do for now.

Ooh, I just thought of another idea I could use them for...

Sorry they are a little wrinkly - just pulled then out of the bin and they will flatten when the plates get on them...yeah that was lazy).

I had made these placemats for my family several years ago. I still need to make one more - there have been 8 of us for a few years and now the "baby" permanently eats at the table...

Inspired by Conversation Hearts candy

(I also did this set for a client in totally different colorways. Different than traditional but still cute!)

This is how my table is set for tonight's dinner (for the kids). I am using these stuffed hearts for placecards! I put clear glass dinner plates so everyone can see their placemats!

Totally cute - they are excited to be "served dinner" on Valentine's Day. Then I get to go out with MY VALENTINE...heehee!

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Heart Chains

I was looking for a cute but very simple idea for my Beginning Sewing students' group class. This group was ages 7-9 and they were literally on their second lesson with their brand new machines. I saw this on Pinterest and knew it would be a perfect way for them to practice their straight stitches.

{Sweet Bee Buzzings}

Here's what I did to prep:

1. Gather felt fabric to cut hearts.
2. Cut in strips a few inches wide. Fold in half longways with the fold toward you.
3. Cut half hearts on the fold with fabric scissors. When you open the fold, your heart is full. ;)
4. Sort your hearts in piles by color.

Lots of hearts to make lots of chains.

I thought the strips were really cool too, and I did not throw them away...I'm sure they can turn into something really cool later...

Sew them together in a chain. Basically, I had my students start with one heart - start at the top between the two bumps - sew a straight line from there to the bottom point. About halfway to the point, though, stop sewing and choose your next heart (this was good for them to make their own "pattern" too - red, white, pink - or random, however they wanted). Put your next heart right under the bottom point. The pieces nested perfectly into one another. Then they just kept going in that manner, sewing in a straight line through all the heart pieces.

They did a beautiful job! I sent them home with tons of hearts to "practice" and make chains to hang all over their houses or bedrooms for Valentine's Day.

Mine are hanging on the door of my Sewing Studio.

Would you like to learn to sew?

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