August 16, 2012

Studio Update: POPPY BEDDING

My latest project is this sweet bedding set.  I think the combination of fabrics here is so cute and original.

This is my client's daughter's nursery.  Last year, she purchased a crib bedding set for her nursery and ordered two matching valances for her windows.  But the windows were two different sizes so she had me take from one valance to add to the other so they would be proportional to the windows, and look right.   

I also made some adorable basket liners for the room - I love this idea to make boring or not-quite-matching baskets "go with" the decor.

Now, baby girl is one year old, and mom is thinking of the future bedroom.  She still loves the bedding fabrics and wants her daughter to have the same cute prints when the (convertible bed) crib is converted to the next size.  Not that baby girl is ready yet - but the catch is:  the fabric has to be ordered now or who knows if it will be available in a few years when she decides she is done with the crib?  Smart mama - get it ready now so when the day arrives that sweetie-pie climbs out of the crib - it's big girl bed time! 

That's where I came in again!  And YAY!  Because I love bedding sets!

I made a full-sized comforter out of the darling Poppy fabric.  Do you see the sweet flocking dots on this fabric?

I did a random swirly machine-quilted stitch to hold the layers together.

And I love the red piping (matching the valance tabs) around the edge.  And the back is a beautiful white spring woven pique fabric.  

The combination is sweet and will grow with this baby girl's room decor as she grows.

Mom will store this away until the time is right, and enjoy her time with her sweet little girl while she is little.

I also made two standard pillow shams to coordinate with the comforter.  I always install hidden zipper closures.

The Poppy fabric is the main body and white pique piping with the black polka dot for the ruffles.

The gathered bedskirt will be made from the polka dot  fabric also.  (We have to wait on that one - for when mom can measure the drop to the floor when the bed is converted).

Aren't they gorgeous together?  Don't worry, when the transition is made, I will share the pictures of the "nursery transitioned to toddler's room".  I can't wait!  But I will...because childhood is fleeting and moms need to enjoy it while it lasts! 

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August 13, 2012


My laptop died!  It took us a few weeks to research and afford and purchase a new one.  Did you miss me?

But now we are all set up again and ready to roll.  I have my work cut out for me becasue I have been taking pics of all my projects in the meantime and now I have many blog posts to put together. 

This is a TROPICAL plant growing in Colorado - in MY YARD!  Yeah, I know - I am an amazing gardener!  Just kidding I am not but this IS a hardy Hibiscus.  I guess they made it special to grow in a dry zone.  And I planted it.  But it reminds me of Hawaii for a few minutes every day...

Also, summer happened.  All the kids home, you know busy with their stuff, only fitting in my stuff here and there when I can.  So they go back to school this week {yay! - can I say that without you thinking I am a bad mom?  Don't judge me unfairly please :) }  I will have my last one home with me all day which I look forward to.  Tose times with little ones go too fast so I am going to soak it up with him. 

Anyway, glad to be back and I look forward to getting back in touch with you all. 

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