April 12, 2012


We decorated eggs on Saturday night - I had pinned a lot of really cool decorating ideas but my kids wanted to stick to the regular way. Mostly - my daughter did try the "wrap twine around the egg after the first color, then dye it a second color" way. It was pretty neat.

We cracked some of them a little (this of course was learned several years ago when we accidentally cracked them, then decide we liked the cool effect even after they are peeled - you still get coloring) - it's food-safe dye, you know.

Then we always have egg salad sandwiches for Easter lunch. (It's pretty-colored, too). It's a quick lunch before Easter Dinner. I wish I had pictures of our yummy ham and Famous Ham Gravy with Mashed Potatoes. We swoon over this gravy - next time I make it I will post...

Sunday afternoon, I took all the kids on a walk, and the Easter Bunny decide to visit us while we were gone. When we got back, the porch was filled with Easter Baskets and the house was littered with candy-filled eggs for the kiddos to find. My older kids know that it's really for the little kiddos to find the most - then they all just share anyway.

They streak all over in less than five minutes and hope they have found every egg. My favorite is when I secretly find more later - then the candy is MINE! We sometimes find eggs much later - like in the drawer under Christmas tablecloths or something. Or in the freezer. That Easter Bunny - so creative in the hiding of eggs.

The counting and sharing of the Easter Eggs is awesome: "12, 13, 15, 19, 62, 22, fwee"

THEN. Something I have never done before but WILL do again. I made homemade marshmallows. Holy cow, who knew? Not me, I guess. Until this year. I read a bunch of recipes and tutorials on how to do this and the BEST one I found was this one. It's from Our Best Bites, adapted from Alton Brown. I cut them into egg shapes, and dipped them in melted milk chocolate. They dried overnight and were perfect. (Not the prettiest aesthetically - but who cares?) My kids would not even let me pose them for a cute picture! They were SO YUMMY!

How do you celebrate Easter with your family?

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