September 17, 2012

REPurpose: Make an Infinity Scarf out of a square scarf

I love these sweet scarves!  They are so easy to wear.  They can be lightweight for spring or summer OR heavier for fall and winter. And I just discovered a new REPurpose method for these babies!

I had this square scarf that I loved - because of the fabric/ print, BUT I was never wearing it because it was square and how do you wear a square scarf these days?  Then one day it occurred to me that the measurements were right to make it into an Infinity Scarf.  So I immediately set to work!

This scarf measured about 34" square.  When I make an Infinity Scarf from scratch, I use about 2 yards in length - which is 72".  This will double up to about 68" (a little less when everything is cut off) which is close.  Just won't be as long - still totally wearable!
I started by folding it in half and I cut it along the fold.

I cut off the edges.  You do not have to do this but with the contrast edge and the fabric being sheer I did not want it to show through from the inside - I thought it would look weird.  

Then I sewed the two pieces right sides together.

I folded this down again, long-ways, and sewed the right sides together again, making a long tube.

Here is the long tube sewn together.

I turned the tube inside out, then brought the two ends together,with the seams right near each other.

This whole next step is probably the trickiest part:  I brought the two seams together and pinned.  This is where I start to sew.

Start sewing just before the pin, and keep pinching the edges together, and keep sewing.

Just keep sewing around those edges, pinching a little bit at a time as you go.   Just keep all the scarf underneath out of the way or you will sew over it and have to pick it out - yuck! 

When you get about as far as you can go, it will look like this.  Stop stitching when have gotten as far as you can go,and backstitch.

When you release and trim threads from that seam, just tug both sides and it will pop back to normal, leaving you with a tiny hole (or bigger depending on how far you got on that tricky seam).

Just fold those edges inside the hole.  Stitch the opening shut, very close to the edge.  I always just make sure this is my back neck placement when I wear it.

You are done!  Now you can wear your old scarf in a new way!

Here's me wearing it - ignore the gooney smile - but not the cutie down in the corner :)

Do you have any old square scarves you could REPurpose into an infinity scarf? 

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