May 14, 2012

A Happy Mother's Day

I think I have the best kids on the planet! I am so lucky! I had a lovely Mother's Day - did I say PERFECT Mother's Day? No. I don't know anyone who really does. You see, I have learned that kids have their own personalities and what they bring to Mother's Day is who they are! And I am happy to have them as the kiddos they are!

Breakfast in bed was accompanied by these wonderful handmade gifts that I treasure. I love all their sweet letters and cards and the cute reminders that they made for me, that they love me. (do you see that necklace I am wearing in the picture on the stairs? The beaded one - my sweet 8-year-old made that for me during church and came right into my class to give it to me because he couldn't wait! It did not make it into this picture...I wore it all day).

Then off to church, where my favorite thing is when the kids and the youth and the dads sing songs to us moms. The best!

We had a version of these yummy sandwiches for Mother's Day lunch, which was a good thing to make because all my kids AND husband could help with something and it was actuallly a nice time together. My favorite part was my 15-year-old son volunteering to cook the bacon and doing an excellent job of it. Seriously, I was wowed. He is hired.

Then we watched a movie. "The Wizard of Oz" - I had wanted to see it after my experience attending Wicked with my husband last week. Trust me, it was nothing in comparison. But still, fun to watch.

Then, I got a Mother's Day Nap. Bliss. No one even TRIED to wake me up. (After ten minutes anyway.)

I decided for dinner we would have Cinnamon Roll cake. (I used this recipe for cream cheese glaze instead of the frosting in the recipe.) It was so delicious! Perfect for the end of a relaxing and special day.

Later in the evening, all six of my kids came marching into the kitchen carrying these babies. Each of them had their own birthstone baby charm for me. I will string them on a necklace and wear them with pride.

Some of my funny kids even knelt down and pretended to ask me to marry them. See why I love my kids?!

It was a great day. And I am happy to be their mom.

I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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