August 21, 2016


WOW.  It has been a WHILE.  I stand before you very sheepish with the last post of mine dating to TWO YEARS AGO!!!

Yep.  I have been busy. Apparently.

So....I had one of my students who had started following me when I first started this blog, tell me sweetly but honestly that things were getting pathetic on here.  Love her!  She even offered to help run it for me.  Honestly, that would be cool but she is going to college and she should not waste her youth on my blog.

BUT!  I have rededicated myself to this blog and to my other social medias.  My facebook page "Studio Julie Snow"  is where I have been updating ALL of my photo albums.  And I changed the name of this blog to unite all of my social media (It used to be called loveitsewmuch, which was cute and catchy but I can only have one brand when it comes down to it).  You can follow me here.

Phew.  It's a lot of work.  But it is fun.  Fun to mark all my progress, and see the hundreds of projects I have created and helped with.

For now, I have a goal of one post per month, while I continue to update all of my files and create my picture stories.  Soooooo many photos...

Anyway, hopefully you have not given up on me and my pathetic blog haha!  Even if you have, I'll never know, right?  Besides, it just started out as therapy for me anyway, will still be.


So stay tuned...!

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