December 16, 2013

Chewy Gingersnaps

I want to share a few of my favorite things about Christmas.  Some of them do not even have to do with sewing...

And one of them is my favorite gingersnap cookie.  I got this recipe from my dear high school/ college/ forever friend whose mother fed me and taught me quite a lot.  We used to make these all the time and she may not even know how many times I have made them since being able to regularly see her.  I think of her every time.  Love you Lynette and Myrna!  

As the recipe card says:  "Chewy, the very best".  It is truly the best chewy gingersnap recipe on the planet.   For reals. 

I beat the softened butter and sugar first.
Then throw in the eggs, keep beating, then the molasses, keep beating.
Then I scrape the bowl.
Next, add the dry ingredients and beat until a nice sticky dough forms.
But not too sticky that I cannot roll balls without a gooey mess.
If it is too sticky, I add a little flour.

Then I put it in the fridge for a good hour or longer (overnight is good).

Then I roll it onto balls with my hand palms.  Or if I am feeling lazy or in a hurry, I use my small Pampered Chef scoop (with the spring release) and just make balls that way.  Either way, the balls go into granulated sugar.  They are covered and placed on my Silpat/ cookie sheet.

Bake exactly 10 minutes in 350* convection oven.  The flatten a little and crackle just right.  And they stay soft for a good week.  If they stick around that long...

Try the recipe, hope you love it!

Also, try another of my favorite recipes for Eggnog Cookies.  Ooh, I need to make those this year, too...

Hope you are enjoying the season, take a break from your holiday sewing and bake up a bit of love!

OH!  Here's a sneak peek at another favorite thing I made last year and finished this year:

How did I make this Mickey Mouse wreath?  Stay tuned for an upcoming post...

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