August 13, 2012


My laptop died!  It took us a few weeks to research and afford and purchase a new one.  Did you miss me?

But now we are all set up again and ready to roll.  I have my work cut out for me becasue I have been taking pics of all my projects in the meantime and now I have many blog posts to put together. 

This is a TROPICAL plant growing in Colorado - in MY YARD!  Yeah, I know - I am an amazing gardener!  Just kidding I am not but this IS a hardy Hibiscus.  I guess they made it special to grow in a dry zone.  And I planted it.  But it reminds me of Hawaii for a few minutes every day...

Also, summer happened.  All the kids home, you know busy with their stuff, only fitting in my stuff here and there when I can.  So they go back to school this week {yay! - can I say that without you thinking I am a bad mom?  Don't judge me unfairly please :) }  I will have my last one home with me all day which I look forward to.  Tose times with little ones go too fast so I am going to soak it up with him. 

Anyway, glad to be back and I look forward to getting back in touch with you all. 

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