October 8, 2012

Costume Collection Part 2: Halloween Costumes For My Kids

My last post was Part 1 of Halloween Costumes for my kids, part of my October series Costume Collection.  Here is Part 2.  

This was actually my real-life dress from my 8th grade prom!  And it is one of my first memories of the realization that my mother was so super-skilled and could alter clothing:  It was a strapless dress.  She added the straps and the lacy sleeves.  She was amazing!  I gained my love of creating and sewing from her no doubt!  And then my daughter wears the dress and some 80s accessories with a Prom crown!


I had inherited a Karate costume (it was white) from someone.  My kids wear it all the time for dress-up but we wanted to go a little more exciting for Halloween for my boys.  So I took a pattern from it.  I had this really cool fabric with symbols all-over it and through the magic of the creative process, this Karate Kid outfit was born!  

And his brother got a matching smaller version, but sleeveless.
Then of course, the Ninja!  (That goes with Karate Kid right?)  This one was very cool but difficult to make.  I wanted it to have no visible opening but still be one-piece!  So it unzips at the back of the neck, down to the waist.  Tricky, but worth it!

This one was very original indeed.  But my favorite touch was the mustache - his idea!

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!  

He loves Mickey Mouse like nothing I have ever seen!  So of course he loved to BE Mickey!  

At our church Halloween party, he found Minnie Mouse (she was a little older, but she could not resist him)!  And there is Minnie's Prom Queen friend...

We attended several parties that year and switched out costumes for some older stand-bys...Winnie The Pooh and a Superhero/ Scooby Doo...?

Halloween is so much fun ~ what costumes do your kids love the most?

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