October 1, 2012

Costume Collection Part 1: Halloween Costumes for My Kids

I was going through pictures of all the Halloween costumes from years past and I decided I would share them with you!  Most of them I have made.  It is actually one of my favorite times of the year - not all the spooky haunted-ness part of Halloween - I just put up with that BUT I love doing costumes for anyone who asks me).

So - I am going to do a series of Costume Collections - some with themes and others just random collections by year or family or whatever...  so stay tuned during October for Halloween Costumes!!!!

The first one is of my kids' Halloween in 2009.  Each kid wanted to do their own thing that year...

He wanted to be a bum.  A hobo.  

Hopefully he got this out of his system.

She and I love the"Anne of Green Gables" series and she was the perfect age to play the Anne from the beginning of the story.  We even made the carpet bag she arrived with, the one with the loose fastener.  It doubled as the trick-or-treat bag.  She's the perfect Anne, personality and everything!

He really wanted to be a vampire.  Actually this kid was fascinated with magic and had asked me for a magician cape, so I made it for him.  Then he used it at Halloween to be Dracula.  It was perfect!  I made this from two flat twin-size bedsheets - black and red - so that it was lined and could be worn with either side showing.

Cute little vampire isn't he?

He wore what his brother had me make the year before (fascination with Wizards and magic...) and I think he looks just as darling (where are the pics of his brother last year?  I do not know) as his brother did last year!  

We went to a Halloween party and it was like pulling teeth to get a pose.  There was candy and games to be had, mom!  Oh, well...  

We got better pics at home on the stairs.

He was Winnie the Pooh, as were all his brothers before him when they were that age.  (Maybe I will put together a collage of all the Winnie the Poohs in our family - and Piglet, too...)

This was his first Halloween - and I just love a baby in a Pumpkin costume - not only is it cute but it stays as warm as you need it to be.  You can layer under it with warm coats (can you tell I am from Canada?) or just leave a diaper on underneath if it's warm enough.  

Hope you have enjoyed this first installment of Halloween costumes during the month of October.

What are your favorite kids' costumes form years past?

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