August 29, 2013


These are projects done by my amazing students - as taught in my sewing classes!  (See my "Student Showcase" photo album on my Facebook page for more)

Remember this post?  Here is the finished project!!!  This is the front of her YW Camp Flag.

And the back of the flag.  

Their value was "Good Works" and she did those letters with stretchy sequin trim.  Pretty creative eh?  They curved nicely.  She stitched around the edges with straight stitch.

She embroidered each girl's name on a butterfly fabric, then gave dimension to them by adding a small wire between another layer of butterfly.  Aren't they cute?

Here is a student's finished pillowcase!  This is usually the first project we complete in beginner sewing lessons - it teaches 5 basic skills!

This is a dress a student made in class, for a vacation - cute huh?  Front and back.

Single Ruffle skirt with elastic waist (and if you look real close you can see the ruffle is a double layer).  Still only one ruffle, though.

Single Ruffle skirt with elastic waist.  Cute prints together, right?

She is my newest student and this was her first completed project - I think a good owl print is perfect for a pillowcase!  And yes, sewing barefoot is allowed in my studio!

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