September 27, 2012

Studio Update ~ Homecoming Formal Shrug

Homecoming time is fun for me - I love the alterations and custom formal items I get to sew for my clients to make their nights special!

It's not so much about the football game for me - it's about the DANCE!

Sometimes a shrug can add the "sparkle" to a homecoming dress.

Here is where this story began: my client and her daughter were searching for a shrug/ bolero jacket of some sort to give a little more coverage to her homecoming dress.  They found a scarf that looked smashing with the silver sequins on the grey tulle dress.  This could do if they could not find the perfect shrug.  They continued looking for a ready-made shrug and had no, "Could you make this scarf into a shrug to go with this dress?"

"Why, yes!"  And so I did.

The silver fabric of the scarf was beautiful, but a very loose weave and I was afraid of it snagging too easily.  I also wanted it to have a nice drape without "sagging" off her shoulders.  

So I interfaced it with a lightweight interfacing - to fuse those snaggable threads together and to give it a little more body without stiffness.

Here is the back view of the dress.  I love the layered hemline. The back was floor length, while the front was to the knee. That cute "high-low" hemline.   

And did I tell you that this shrug is reversible - the inside is the same as the outside - that way if any spillage happens at dinner or some clumsy kid spills his punch on her before the night is over, she can turn it inside out and still wear it!  (Then dry-clean it later of course).

It is still shiny on both sides - but I thought I would show you two versions of this picture - one with the flash capturing the shine and one without.
I love where the shrug hits the back of the bodice just above the sequins - perfect!  

Isn't it darling on her?!

The hem was a little too long in the back at first,  so I shortened it to where it needed to be (here shown with hem redone).  I tapered it from the back around to the front, blending with the original front hemline.  It had to be the right height for wearing heels, but when the shoes come off for dancing after dinner and pictures - it cannot be so long that she steps on it!

Have fun, girl!  :)

What did you do for Homecoming this year?

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