April 24, 2013

PROM: A Perfect Narrow Hem

 Prom is such a fun time. with fun dresses, fun people, excited for a fun time!  I am always excited at this time of year to get a call or email or facebook message that goes a lot like this:  "Hi, I have a prom dress and I was wondering if you could fix it for me so that it fits perfectly, or hem it so I can wear it with my fabulous new shoes, or add something to make it even better!  When can I come over?"

The only problem with this one was the length.  It had been given to her by a taller friend (a great gift for any friend :) and she needed it hemmed pronto!  Prom was only a week away!  You bet, bring your shoes and we'll have a fitting!  So we got it marked and here is the "Before" picture.

So with a little help from my handy-dandy smallest rolled hem foot, I whipped out this beauty of a narrow rolled hem.  No other type of hem will do as beautifully as this narrowest of hems.  Lining gets the same treatment.

She had just got her hair colored before she came for her pickup.  Getting excited to go on a fun date with friends to prom!  The length was just where she wanted it to be - you could even see a peek of those cute silver shoes!  She plans to wear a white bolero shrug with the dress but did not have it for these pictures.  No worries - check out the rest of the pictures - so darling with the dress! 

Rockin' the dress in prom pictures!  So cute and yes that hem is perfect, don't you think?

A good hem can make all the difference...  :)

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