October 21, 2012

Costume Collection Part 3: SNEETCHES & THINGS

Costuming a family can be totally fun!  Especially if it is a FUN FAMILY!  

Here is a family that I really LOVE and had the good fortune to design and sew their costumes for Halloween in 2011.  

Mom and Dad were Thing 1 & Thing 2.  They have 4 children.

Their oldest was a Plain Belly Sneetch and their youngest was a Star Belly Sneetch.

The kids in the middle already had their costumes: The Cat in the Hat & Horton the Elephant.  What a cute family - I really think Dr. Seuss would be proud!

Here is the whole gang!

The Star-bellied Sneetches had bellies with stars!

The Plain-bellied Sneetches had none upon thars!

Under my hat I have Thing 1 & Thing 2!

What did I tell you?!  A FUN family perfect for a Dr.Seuss Halloween!

Do you enjoy Dr. Seuss as much as we do?

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