June 11, 2012

Dressing Your Truth

I don't know about you but I have always been interested in certain aspects of psychology. In fact, it was my major at BYU at one point. Can you believe that? (This was only until I got a little bored - I needed something fun to do along with my psych classes in my first semester - so I signed up for some sewing classes - then made a discovery: "What?! I can major in sewing - my favorite hobby?!" By the next semester my major was Clothing & Textiles. But I still to this day am fascinated by the psychology of everything). I enjoyed the tests you could take to figure out people's personalities and what was wrong with them. And I especially loved the Personality Profiling. This thing we humans do where we categorize ourselves so that we can figure out who we are and why we act they way we do. And how can we use this knowledge to figure out other people, like our loved ones.

Some examples of this profiling would be Color Me Beautiful (seasons), Psychology of Color, Love Languages, The Color Code, Mars & Venus, and other Fashion Personalities I learned about in school, to name a few.

Well, I discovered a new one that I am gearing my heart toward lately. It was referred to me by my dear hairstylist friend who is always looking for ways to figure out how to match her client's personalities with their hair! That seems to be to be tough job ("I want my hair to look like 'me'! ") She immediately knew I would love this for my clients, and we decided to do this project together for ourselves, as well.

It is called "Dressing Your Truth". By Carol Tuttle. Her approach is new and refeshing and her theories are nature-based. It's not weird or hokey or hippie-ish. It is fascinating. She has a book by the same title (and another book called "It's Just My Nature" that I also plan to read).

Dressingyourtruth.com is the website that goes along with it and you can join and figure out your own Beauty Profile and learn about all of the types there are. And how to ultimately make your outside match your inside! And...it is free! I could not believe that this great program would be at no cost to those who want to join. You sign up and you get emails daily to guide you through this course. There are wonderful videos that explain the theories and Beauty/ Personality Types. I am now on Day Four and can't wait for my email today! I am enjoying learning the hows and whys of my Beauty type. It is based on a feeling that all things in nature coexist and nothing in nature judges each other - they just let each other shine in their own way, and ultimately work WITH each other to see everything's beauty. It's very cool concept.

I am excited to apply these concepts to my family and loved ones, to help understand better the things that are different from me. I am looking at it from a "beauty eye" for sure, from a fashion standpoint, but also from a larger standpoint of understanding myself and others. I will let you know how it goes. And I highly recommend it to you! It seems like it will be a good journey. Have fun!

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