January 7, 2012


I remember when I first saw this Wreath - it was one of the first things I ever pinned. Well, I knew I would make it someday because I had a set of unbreakable ornament balls that I had been ready to throw out for a few years (you know those things you pull out every Christmas and are tired of looking at but can't quite get rid of?) These were those balls.

I found this tutorial on You Tube and I was psyched! I found a sturdy hanger and untwisted the top part to get started!

I did try to do a pattern because I wanted more purple balls to show (I am in love with this color right now) but it was of no use because they just kept spinning around wherever they wanted to go.

I had to make sure all the balls still had their tops to hook the hanger through. Some I glue-gunned on.

When it was full - I really could fit no more and I had hardly any left - it was like it was meant to be - I hooked the ends together and tightened it.

You couldn't see through it too bad but I wanted security for those ball tops so I glue-gunned some more (harder to do when the balls are already strung).

I wanted to fill in any gaps and because all my balls were the same size, I felt like it needed more contrast somehow. So I pulled out the 'ole wire-edged ribbon bin and started winding pieces of 2"-3" wide gold ribbon throughout the balls, randomly.

With more gold ribbon, I fashioned a bow at the top and glued it in place also. More prettiness.

I then glue-gunned the ribbon to the balls to everything would just stay where I put it. (Do you ever wish there was a craft spray like hairspray that just "fixes" things in place where you put them?)

So...what do you do with the leftover ornaments that had no tops on them? Into the sleigh for the kids to play with.

This is where I actually hung the wreath - on the back door that we do not use because it is "broken". (We had a windstorm and the screen flew backwards farther than it was supposed to go and screwed up the whole door frame - sounds like a future "fix-it" post, eh?)

The door looked lovely all season long - and it was fun to see it from the backyard too!

Have you made your version of this wreath yet?

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