January 20, 2012

EMBROIDERY: What's In A Name?

Did I mention that I love my Bernina sewing machine? It is ten-"ish" years old and I still love it (because Bernina rocks - that's why!)

I was talking to my aunt (the one who actually got my great-grandmother's sewing machine) and we were talking sewing machines and it turns out we bought the same one (Bernina Artista 180E) at the same time lo' those many years ago. My aunt lives in WA state and I really don't get to talk to her much more than Facebook and that has only been recently, so it was nice when we got to chat the other day. Anyway, I digress...

So she has the same machine as I do and has NEVER used the embroidery module! I sat there shocked for about ten minutes! Well, she is a busy lady (she is a quilter and has piles of them going at all times...) and has no real use for it presently I suppose. But I cannot even imagine not using mine as OFTEN as I do.

What do I use it mostly for? Well, I do cute pictures and different feature things now and then but NAMES are the big ticket! And who does not love a good Monogram or set of Initials to personalize an article of clothing or a pillow or a bag or T-shirt or fabric plaque or a baby's bootie pants? I ask you.

A very busy time of year is Christmas time - people love to have their family names on the stockings, don't you agree?

I love doing these jobs!

I have a client who makes the cutest hooded towels for newborn babies at church. I have the privilege of embroidering the names on the towel pieces before they are sewn up. I would love to feature some of her towels...future post coming.

Do you need any custom embroidery names? Contact me. I would love to help!

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