March 9, 2012

St. Patrick's Day - LUCKY ME!

I am not Irish. Though sometimes I wish I was - so that I could have a cool accent and explain my red hair a little better...

Sigh, but I do have a little Luck O' the Irish, you might say. Which means I can celebrate St. Patrick's Day in my own way.

See what I mean? I feel pretty Lucky.

I have a friend who has an incredible blog. Landee See Landee Do. She is very inspiring to me and will soon be celebrating her first "blogiversary". Go visit her - you will not be sorry!

So I got an idea from this post of hers, I even had it pinned.

But then...
long story short...
the computer and I had issues and I could sadly not get her "so cute!" printable to work for me. So, determined not to give up, I had to create my own.

It's the same, but not, you know?

Anyway, it works for me. And I really do hear that song (I especially enjoy the Glee version) every time I walk by my "Lucky" sign and it makes me smile and sometimes my heart flutters a little...

You can copy mine or hers over at LandeeSeeLandeeDo. I like both.

Are you feeling Lucky this St. Patty's Day?

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