My name is Julie Snow and I live in the Denver CO area but I’m originally from Alberta Canada. I have 6 great children (5 boys and 1 girl) and a brilliant husband that I have adored for over 16 years. My hubby is very supportive of my creative endeavors and I will love him forever for it! He knows it is part of my soul.

I learned most of what I love by “pursuing an education”. My first education was at the knee of my amazing mother. She taught me how to live within a budget, to use many forms of art as an expression and how to explore and discover my favorite mediums. My medium of choice is, of course, fabric – with my preferred tool being the sewing machine. (Though I do not shy away from using power tools and paintbrushes often). My formal education was attending Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) where I received my Associates Degree in Clothing & Textiles. I then attended BYU-Provo and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with a major in Fashion Design, Apparel Production and Costume Emphasis. I graduated and began working for a great mentor who taught me by example how to run a custom sewing business. Shortly thereafter, I began Studio Julie Snow and have been running my studio since 1997, continuing my learning.

Some highlights about me:
*I love to create! I love to look at things I love and figure out how they are done, so I can do it myself! I like to try to be organized – this has been my New Year’s resolution for YEARS and I feel I am always making progress – which is good considering my “artisitic” tendencies are not always so logical and organized.

*My style tends to be traditional, but always with a modern twist.

*I love old things that can be repurposed into stylish, modern-day uses. I believe in recycling, and reinventing. I also believe that a lot of the oldies ARE the goodies.

*I do not try to be a “SuperMom” but I do try to be a super mom. I love my kids with all my heart and they inspire and humble me so much, every day.

*I kind of thrive on a budget (I know…weird right?) and it is like a good, exciting challenge for me to have limitations and see what can be created within them. Necessity IS the mother of invention, after all.

*I am by nature a night owl, sometimes an insomniac – especially when my ideas are flowing. But I have found that I definitely DO need my sleep, especially as I get (ahem) older. I try more now to be inspired during daylight hours, even amid chaos.

*Part of me still feels 17! Sometimes I am shocked that after 6 babies things could change on the outside that still feel the same on the inside! But the other part of me is aware of how much I have grown and become seasoned after 38 years of experience. This is where my happiness has come from and I would not change anything. And I look forward to the years to come and the changes and blessings they will bring.

*I believe in being well-rounded (this does NOT refer to my body after 6 babies ), meaning: I love the arts, almost all genres of music, almost all types of movies, my kids’ interests, I am even learning football. And I am open to anything coming my way.

*I do not love cleaning bathrooms but do it anyway, while trying to train my kids to do their own. I do not love dusting but am trying to love it, especially when it means dusting the things I love.

*I have struggled with Depression and am finding more and more ways to cope, everyday. I have come leaps and bounds from my hardest days, and have found the Hope that it will get better all the time. Another thing I am discovering is that through "blogging", I focus on what I dearly love and it has been helping me stay virtually "drug-free". (There, a dark secret, out. Do we all have these?) If you are struggling with this, and would like to talk, please contact me.

*I have my own slight rebellions – like my daisy tattoo that reminds me of being a like a wildflower – easily adaptable, simple, yet beautiful. My favorite flower of all time is a white Shasta Daisy. Maybe my other rebellions will come out as this blog progresses…

*I love cooking and … yes, eating. Maybe to a fault. But there are so many delicious foods to enjoy. My family is well-fed, and my kitchen is generally a happy place. Especially when I am either organized, or creating, or both.

*My faith is important to me. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Yes, we are Christian. Jesus Christ is the foundation of all of our beliefs. I would be nowhere without my belief in a supreme being and governing force in the universe, and a Father in Heaven who knows me and loves me. I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and I am happy to share my faith with others. (“I am a seamstress, a homemaker, a wife, a mother, a designer, a teacher. And I’m a Mormon”). 

*I like to make lists and categorize my lists. I like to check things off and write in things that are extra just to check MORE off! I like making spreadsheets and inventories. I feel satisfaction going to bed with a clean kitchen, a running dishwasher, laundry up to date, and children homework-ready. I love to end my day with a relaxing read, a movie or TV, a snuggle with my BFF husband and a new list filled with lofty plans for the next day.

*I am happy to share what I know with anyone who cares to discover. And I believe the smartest and happiest people are the ones who gather information and examples from everywhere they can, then listen to their hearts and apply it in the best way, to themselves.